Wireless Thermostatic Valve TRV (010101)

Radiator Thermostat

With our Wireless Radiator Thermostat (Product Code: 010101) your home will become even more comfortable. Thanks to Z-Wave you can adjust your desired temperature comfortable and easy via wireless switch, heating plan, automation scene or from outside via smartphone. Nevertheless, you can still control the thermostat traditionally using local buttons.

Further intelligent functions are open window detection with appropriate switch to energy saving mode or the valve training function to ensure that valves are still operational after longer periods. The device needs regular wireless connection to an IP gateway for intenal clock update and state message exchange.

It‘s an interesting advantage that the device will report the room temperature as detected and calculated by the device‘s temperature sensor.


  • Comfortable temperature control via remote control or automations
  • Local button control
  • Available heating modes such as frost protection or energy saving
  • LCD Display
  • Integrated sensor sends local measured temperature
  • Detects open windows and shuts down automatically
  • Valve training function
  • Suitable for all standard valves
  • Dimensions: 51x51x71 mm
  • Weight: 114 g

Z-Wave Functionality

  • Receives commands from control centers and adjusts the warm water supply for the radiator
  • Informs Z-Wave control center about local changed temperature setpoint
  • Reports temperature from temperature sensor to the control center





Manual Wireless Radiator Thermostat

Further product manuals can be found in our download center.