In a Smart Home different installations such as lighting, heating, alarm system, ventilation or shade control work together to be interoperating with each other to form a single system to control the home increasing the safety, security and convenience for the home owner. However the very same devices and the very same technology can be used to implement independent intelligent solutions too.


  • Turn all your lights off from a single switch near the main door to be sure nothing remains on causing waste of energy
  • Turn on all lights from a switch near the bed in care of suspicious noise at night
  • Dim down the lights in the kids rooms over a longer period of time to help kids to find sleep
  • Never come into a dark home again by turning on the light from outside using a remote control
  • Record your lighting behavior and play back when you are on vacation to simulate attendance
  • Define separate light scenes for several demands and situations

Heating/ Climate Control

  • Automatically open the windows in summer time at midnight to get fresh air into the home
  • Automatically open the roof windows at noon in wintertime to get fresh warm air into the home
  • Close all windows when a thunderstorm is approaching
  • Switch the heater into energy saving mode when out of the home
  • Turn up the heating when on the way home
  • Make sure your vacation home is well heated when arriving for the weekend
  • Turn up the heating in the living room from your phone when you don’t feel well and need to leave work
  • Make sure you don’t forget to turn off the heating when you leave


  • Protect your floor from water spill and shut off the water valve in case of leakage
  • Get an alert in case of fire well before the Fire Fighters swamp your home – in 80 % of the cases it is an easy-to-fix reason
  • Monitor the temperatures in the basement to make sure no water pipe is freezing
  • Arm/Disarm your alarm system right from your phone
  • Use motion detectors and other sensors to trigger an alarm
  • Get a burglar alarm first before the siren starts to inform neighbors

Energy Saving

  • See energy consumption trends and replace energy hungry devices
  • Watch energy/water/gas consumption when on the road