Popp HUB (011801)

Popp Hub

The new Popp HUB is not only another Z-Wave smart home gateway. It combines Z-Wave, WiFi and other technologies to a real connected home. Sensors, switches, thermostats, cameras and many devices more will make your home smart und intelligent. The Popp HUB is the perfect organizer for all of your smart home devices.

The new generation does not have much to do with the first version of the HUB which was presented last year. With a slim case in a modern design, the new Popp HUB is one of the world’s smallest and most compact smart home gateways.

The new hardware generation of the Popp Hub is still more flexible. Besides already installed WiFi and Z-Wave technologies the HUB can integrate other technologies like EnOcean via USB ports. The Popp HUB enables you to control your home centralized and flexible – and without any wiring effort.

It needs only a few steps to get your POPP HUB up and running. Add devices such as switches, lights, thermostats, door locks and various sensors to your home network and define automated scenarios (e.g. „All-off“, „Coming Home“, different light scenes).

Control all devices in your smart home by wall panel, key fob remote control or with tablet, smartphone and desktop pc by using the internet connection to the POPP Hub.


  • CPU: MT7620A, clock up to 580 MHz
  • Memory: 128 MB DDR2
  • Storage: 16 MB flash + 4 GB internal SD card
  • Z-Wave 500 series module
  • Fully Z-Wave Plus certified static controller
  • 1 external USB port
  • Front and side LED indication
  • Enhanced Security
  • Dimensions: 110x110x19 mm


  • One unique user experience across different platforms: iPad, iPhone, Android, Web
  • Simple easy to understand logical user interface


  • Compact design, inner atenna
  • Stable and secure smart home software
  • Embedded controller with integrated WiFi and Z-Wave
  • Tested with more than 600 different devices
  • Integrates additional technologies (e.g. EnOcean)
  • Consistend security architecture
  • Comprehensive repair and reset functions


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th_popp-hub2_1     th_popp-hub2_2          SmartHome UI


Manual Popp HUB

Quick Start Guide Popp HUB

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